Lindsay Allason-Jones

Director of CIAS and Reader in Roman Material Culture


Before becoming Director of CIAS, I was the Director of the Archaeological Museums at Newcastle University , responsible for running the Museum of Antiquities and the Shefton Museum of Greek Art and Archaeology. Both these museums are now incorporated in the Great North Museum . I am an acknowledged authority on Hadrian's Wall and Roman Britain as well as the archaeology of the Sudan . I have worked extensively all over the Roman Empire, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East . I am a Trustee of many of the museum organizations along Hadrian's Wall , as well as the Hadrian's Art Trust.


My research career has been based on the study of artefacts and what they can tell us about people in the past. Finds often represent the only surviving evidence for the people of the past. My interest in them is underpinned by my appreciation that each object discovered has been designed and made by an individual who required the object themselves or saw a niche in the market for such an object. Each item will have needed time, skill and resources to produce; its final deposition can reflect the funerary or religious life of its owner or indicate the discard mechanisms and values of a civilisation, which in their turn can illuminate our understanding of lifestyles, economic life, trading links, etc.



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