Identifact is a pilot project which is still a work-in-progress. It is intended as a digital flash-card resource to aid learning. There are three sections: architectural vocabulary, Greek pottery and typical objects from Roman Britain. It is hoped to make this into a bigger project if funding can be obtained.

Architectural Vocabulary
These images are taken from various sources from the internet or have been taken by Andrew Parkin and Frances McIntosh. Some of them are from places in Newcastle and the North East.

Greek Pottery
All the images used for this section are of pots in the Shefton Collection currently on display in the Great North Museum. The Inventory numbers on the cards relate to this catalogue.

Roman Artefacts
The images used for this section are taken from the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) database. This is an online database of archaeological artefacts found by members of the public and reported to the PAS.

We would welcome any comments on what you think works and what you think needs improving so that we can make sure that it is useful. Please email Glyn Goodrick at

System Requirements:

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Help Tips: Use the mouse to zoom and navigate. Use the space-bar and cursor keys to zoom and navigate. The 'f' key will flip an image. Right click on the images for more options. Maximize your window or run full screen (f11) for the clearest text.